Minecraft: Combat Handbook: Ultimate Collector's Edition ( Minecraft Books for Kids #1 )


作者:Erik Aronsen
出版社:Independently Published

The Masterpiece from Amazon #1 Bestselling Minecraft Authors Creative Community. This time we're delighted to present A Stunning Master Work - Minecraft Combat Handbook: Collector's Edition Our goal is to show you the most Incredible Possibilities and unlock your Creative Abilities to Master Minecraft World together with us! * Superior Techniques and Strategies to Win Every Battle * Comprehensive Minecraft Word Combat Coverage * Breathtaking Offensive and Defensive Secrets * Armour, Weapon, Enemies, Victories * Crafting and Enchanting Weapons * Crafting and Enchanting Armor * PvP - Hints and Tips to Survive on Servers * Tips for Fighting Mobs and Players * Fighting Styles and Strategies Join us in this breathtaking pursuit for Glory! Minecraft Combat Handbook: Collector's Edition

販売価格 1,300円(税込)
型番 9781092811804
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